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May. 29th, 2008

 Here, in which I put down stuff that was yelled at my tv. With more sense.


May. 21st, 2008




May. 16th, 2008

Last night was not a good night for comedy. I skipped out on The Office because it hurt too much to move my face. It was hard enough during Ugly Betty. I tried to slap my leg instead.

Fringe, folks? I'm excited. JJ: has a problem with planes, but he likes to use Oz peeps which is always great, and another LOTR player (even though it's only Denethor who didn't love Faramir as much as he should have), and of course PACEY. Anyone? Watch the trailer!

Anyone else's gag reflex work up a sweat?

 Now that I have the computer...


Apr. 25th, 2008


Last scene of The Office was so cute.

I'm going to tape Grey's next week. For Addison. And there better be some Addie/McSteamy time.

Thursday is officially the best day of the week, until new episodes run out. 

-Exams didn't go as well as I'd hoped; that's how it feels anyway. Here's to another year of mediocrity and less. Joy.

-I broke Passover. In my dream. KK, you were there. We were sort of making cookies in a dungeony room. I think you had chocolate chip oatmeal with sprinkles.

-Need to find a job again. Already gotten a lecture from the dad. I hate summer (sacrilege).

-Is it just me or does it feel like summer barged in on spring's time and took over?

-Took out my guitar yesterday. I'm finally going to attempt to teach myself how to play. I tried a few years ago, but soon gave up because the mechanics of the guitar were worlds apart from the sax, which was what I was used to playing. That's me for ya. The desire to learn has always been there, though, so I think I'm going to stick with it this time.

-Ummm, watched season 2 of Angel. Rather, I watched the first two discs, then skipped through to the Lindsey/Darla parts. What makes season 2 my favourite is the Darla arc. Now that was gripping tv. Dead End remains one of my favourite episodes if only for Christian Kane's musical talents and the great evil hand scene. Evil.. 
Interesting side tidbit: the actor that plays Bernard in Lost was in Angel, like DDK.

-My love for David Cook is going strongstrongstrong. If I had my computer with me, ABMB/Billie Jean/etc., Analog Heart... would be on repeat so my head would have music to sing along with. Gosh, this guy is something.

-As much as I basically suck, Super Smash Bros. for the Wii rocks!

-Dean Winters on 30 Rock is WIN!

-Damn you CTV.

-Thursday= return of Ugly Betty and Lost. Yay.
a. WHY DOES AMERICAN IDOL ALWAYS FIND WAYS TO PULL ME BACK IN? Last year it was Cake and teh kewt, this year it's David Cook and his GUHNESS. I want to rid of you once and for all AI, with your annoying judges and time wasting filler, but DAVID COOK. GUH.


c. I've also joined the Skins masses and I'm addicted, yeh. CAN I JUST- MITCH HEWER!?!?! 10xDROPDEADGUH.  All I wanted to say about that. Oh, and I'm older than Joe Dempsie by about a week. Sigh. 
It's amazing the freedom UK programming is allowed.

Damn, this needs to stop. 

d. Yay for SYTYCD Canada. I can actually vote. 

Listen, I have exams and shit. I haven't been around at all. I be trying to study. Unsuccessful as it is. Bablam.   

P.S. Happy belated birthday to everyone whose birthdays have recently passed!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

 I love Canada's weather. Right when it clears up, we're hit with another snowstorm. It's been snowing bunches since last night, and I mean bunches. All is filled with pretty, powdery white. As a kid, this much snow was gold. My backyard would never have an untouched mound of snow, it wasn't allowed. If I had a pair of snowpants, I'd definetely be out there. Exam be damned.



Ben. Is Da Man.
The. mannnnn.

Next week...BRING IT ON!!
(we can assume who the last(?) Oceanic 6 is, eh)

...I have nothing to say about this episode, to tell the truth.

eta: rightyo, and Jacket? Only took ya 6 episodes. I know, I know, the non-rescue and all.

So, tvguide.ca had a list of the 10 worst couple nicknames (a month ago, I recently came across it) and who should be on there, but:

Who: Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) and Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) on Lost
Why it's terrible: I hate Jate. See how those two words go hand in hand? Enough said.

I just found it funny. (Not that Skate's the greatest name either.) The name I most agree with on the list, and I think most people will too, is Gizzie aka. Gizzard. So much yuck associated with that name.

And this from the American counterpart:

Lindelof: We will say we haven't seen the last of Sawyer and Kate this season. Not by a long shot.

is making me feel better.